PHA CARES Community Health Worker sharing information at a resource fair


Program Overview

The PHA CARES project has two objectives: promote resident workforce development and support the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) community around COVID-19 and other health needs. To do this, PHA community members are hired and trained as Community Health Workers who can determine and respond to residents' concerns in relation to COVID-19.

Our Partners

In recognition of their excellence in the provision of health and health education services within their communities, Temple University partnered with Temple University Health System,  Drexel Community Wellness Hub and Greater Philadelphia Health Action on the project.

The PHA Cares team recognizes that community engagement is essential to learning about and meeting the need of PHA residents.  In addition to working with PHA staff, resident leadership provides essential input regarding the specific needs of each site.

More Information

Target Communities

The PHA CARES program supports the following PHA locations.

  1. Raymond Rosen Apartments
  2. Norris Homes
  3. Richard Allen/Cambridge
  4. Johnson Homes/Nellie Reynolds
  5. Sharswood
  6. Abbottsford Homes
  7. Germantown House
  8. Bartram Village
  9. Wilson Park
  10. Courtyard Apartments
  11. Mantua Square
  12. Lucien E Blackwell Homes


Role of CHWs

The PHA CARES Community Health Workers provide the following services:

COVID-19 Education

  • Give on strategies to prevent the spread
  • Information on testing
  • Support vaccination efforts
  • Address barriers to self-isolation

General Health Promotion

  • Coping with chronic health conditions
  • Support with Telehealth
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Transportation to Medical Appointments

Other Support

  • Food Security
  • Workforce Development
  • Mental Health Services
  • And more!
Contact Information


Phone: 215-204-3431

Temple University

Ritter Annex, 4th Floor

1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19122


Our work is made possible thanks to the support of Philadelphia Housing Authority  PHA is the nation's fourth largest public housing authority.  Today, PHA has more than 14,000 affordable housing units, serving nearly 80,000 Philadelphians.